Quei Due

Friday 12th December

Food served from 7:30pm

Music starts 8:30pm

Tickets £5 available in advance from the Cafe

Quei Due are Caterina Comeglio-vocals and Adam Taylor-guitar. Together they play a mix of italian songs mixed with contemporary jazz influences and original music. Bringing a heartfelt blend of story-telling and emotion to their rhythmic and melodically engaging music, Quei Due take influence from many different sources; from the rhythms of Brazil to the poetry of Eugenio Montale and to the music of Allan Holdsworth. The group’s ethos is to create music which is simultaneously innovative and entertaining to any audience. “Quei Due left no one in any doubt as to their musical prowess and ability to engage with their audience.” – Samuel Moore, Musician in Residence, Arts at Trinity.


Tickets available from the cafe or online at;