Upcoming Pizza Night – Friday 29th

Do you like authentic Italian Pizza? The kind of pizza that makes you feel like you’re in Naples and tastes the way real pizza should.

Here at Caffe Portico Sim prides himself on making pizzas authentically, hand stretching the dough, topping it with a home-made sauce and simple fresh ingredients. Serving it straight out of our hand built wood fired pizza oven.

Our menu is bursting with Italian flavours with favourites such as the Calabrese; a fiery concoction of salame picante, nduja sausage and chilli. The Boscaiola, a hearty pizza with mushroom, Redhill Farm sausage, backed with fennel. Or the Quattro Stagioni, a combination of ham, mushroom, artichoke and olives making up all the four seasons. But let us not forget the classic Margherita, where simple ingredients cooked to perfection makes some pretty tasty pizza.

If you would like to join us at our next pizza night call 07956653156 to book a table.