Cafe Portico Cocktail Competition Winner

We’ve been busy asking all our devout Cafe Portico fans their favourite cocktails this last month and, after lots of enthusiastic and somewhat intriguing suggestions, AND a Facebook poll we have a deserving WINNER… Lucinda Bell with a Pornstar Martini.

For those of you Portico fans who don’t know what a Pornstar Martini is (which we will aptly name a Lulu Martini), don’t worry. Here’s a recipe for this decadent drink:

Serves 2
80ml Vanilla Vodka
15ml Passoã passion-fruit liqueur
5 passion fruits
5 tsp vanilla sugar
100ml champagne

Serve in martini glasses with tall shot glasses for the champagne on the side.

Lulu Martinis will be added to our Cafe Portico cocktail menu shortly… Watch this space!

Cafe Portico is a cafe-bar based on the ground floor of The Terrace on Grantham Street in Lincoln.