Pizza Nights!!!! – April 1st

For those who don’t know yet, a few months ago Sim built his very own Wood Fired Pizza oven. With help from his friend Adam from VDuo Motorcycles he put it into the back of a Piaggio Ape. Now we are bringing you Portico Pizza Nights, where we serve the very best in traditional Neapolitan pizza.

We make our Pizzas by following classic Neapolitan methods. Sticking to traditional flavours, we hand-stretch the dough, top it with simple fresh ingredients and cook it at over 400C in the wood fired oven, giving it that authentic smoky flavour.

The first few Pizza nights were a real success and we are so happy with the support from all our guests. Aside from the food, the best thing is definitely the atmosphere. Come and relax with friends and enjoy a dining experience perfect for an easy Friday evening.

Over the next few weeks and months to come, we will increase the frequency of our Pizza nights in response to demand, so don’t worry if you miss one.  If you want to try fantastic Neapolitan style Pizza, let us know and we can book you a table at the next evening, which will be on the 1st of April. Call Sim on 07956653156 to reserve a table.


Portico Pizza Night 23rd October

Once again the fires will be stoked in our very own wood fired oven, and you will be able to enjoy the smoky, rustic taste of authentic Italian Pizza at only £10 per person. For all those who missed last months pizza evening we invite you on Friday the 23rd to join us for this great evening. To book a table you can either call the Cafe on 07956653156 or leave a comment on the Facebook event. We look forward to seeing some new and familiar faces for a night of good food and good company.

Buon appetito!